Fat Tuesday…San Diego Style

Headed down to the Gaslamp District last night to check out the opening of our fair city’s Mardi Gras festival.  So did a few thousand other people.  I shot all night with my 50mm 1.4 without flash, ISO’s varying from 400 t0 3200 (just for fun), apertures from wide-open to about 2.5.  Possibly caught a few shots at f/4 in really well-lit areas, but outside of that, it was pretty dark.

I’m a county boy, so I didn’t know till I got down there that you had to pay to get into the party.  And being the frugal photographer that I am (or want to be), I didn’t pony up for a ticket.  All in all though, it was a fantastic occasion for street photography.  And that’s something I’m still working on; the courage to take photos of people I don’t know.  It seems creepy taking shots of unsuspecting folks if they’re going to be the focus of the image, and with the 50mm on my camera, it wasn’t like I was across the street popping frames and no one was the wiser.  As well, since I was outside the festival, most people were in transit, and making their way quickly, to the entrance.  Some guy did petition me to buy some beads.  I declined politely, asked him how business was going, and then if I could take a picture of him.  He said “no.”  What the?  Oh well…..0 for 1.

I didn’t even see the girl below until I got home to check out my pics on a computer.  But I like her warpaint, and I like that she was checking me out (without even asking my permission, mind you!).   And the last pic was just a bonus for me.  I was looking to get the DJ and the dancers in the background and some passer-by in the foreground, with some lens flare in there to boot.  Whamo!  I love that flare. 

About Bryan Oster

Photographer of people and food. You can see some of my work at my site (www.bryanoster.com), and at my blog (www.bryanoster.wordpress.com).
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