Hand-held Self-portraits and a DIY Speedlight Grid

I’ve been eyeballing grid spots for my speedlights now for a few months.  Little guys don’t cost much, but I like the Honl product and they’re not sold anywhere in San Diego.  There is this thing called “Internet Tubes,” but I suffer from a syndrome of wanting stuff “now.”  I don’t have time to order it, and wait a week for it to ship to my house.  I need it now, or apparently, much, much later than had I ordered it online.  Long story shot, I made myself a grid from a handy tutorial found on the web.  Very easy.  Very cheap.  And, uh, took 2 hours and I still have glue all over my hands.  Next time I’ll just spring for the $30 Honl grid.

Took the above pic with my sb600 gridded, and my sb800 bare to my right.  Hand-held the shot with my 35mm 1.8 at f/5, 1/50th of a second, ISO 200.  Lastly, so my madness can officially become part of the public domain, I shot this with -1 stop flash compensation.  Why, you ask?  So I could get into Aperture and realize the shot was too dark and push the exposure compensation up at least 1 stop.  That’s why.

Below is a grungier shot, basically shot the same way as above, and a shot where I ditched the light behind me, and attached the grid to the front flash.  Pretty handsome, aren’t I?

About Bryan Oster

Photographer of people and food. You can see some of my work at my site (www.bryanoster.com), and at my blog (www.bryanoster.wordpress.com).
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