Attorney Head Shot Session, Solana Beach CA

Received a call a few weeks ago from a law firm looking for new head shots for their website.  I shot all the attorneys in their conference room, putting a Nikon sb800 into my 42″ Westcott umbrella (camera right and just overhead), my camera at ISO 400, 1/250th, and at f/4 on my Nikon 5omm 1.4.  I also put an sb600 behind them in a Gary Fong Lightsphere for a little fill on some of the shots.

I started out with my camera in manual and my flash in the umbrella in TTL, but for the life of me, I kept getting really inconsistent light from the flash (even when it was firing).  So I switched to manual, probably ending up somewhere around 1/8th.  It was times like this that I wish I was either Joe McNally, and I’d have owned TTL, or I was David Hobby, Zach Arias, {insert any of my heroes here}, and I’d have owned the light in manual.  And in case Joe is bored one day and is Googling “San Diego Head Shot Portrait Photographer Who Reads All My Books and Idolizes My Work For However Many More Years I’ve Been Creating Beautiful Images Than Bryan Has Been Alive,” I know he could have owned this in TTL, Manual, No light, No hands, No Camera, or whatever silly scenario, plus dozens I can’t even think of.

Despite this, I like the shots, how about you?  And be honest, because after all, I’m a lover not a fighter, so I won’t come looking for you.  And even if I did come looking for you, maybe we’d get along and share some laughs over a game of Parchese.

Did I drop enough brand names yet?  Anyhow….some of my favorites are below.


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