Harbor Wedding – San Diego, CA

I’ve never really thought about catering to the last minute wedding, but maybe I should.  I was coming back from shooting a job for a company in Encinitas called Dudek, and I received a call from a guy wanting to know if I could shoot some family portraits for him in about 2 hours.  Ever the customer-focused photographer (and apparently brown-nosing blogger), I said, “sure.”  “Where and what time?”  “Downtown City Hall at 1:30 pm, no problem, see you then.”

I’ve shot at this building before, it’s actually quite nice.  An older building with lots of character accents, and right across the street from the harbor.  So I arrive and call my new customer, and he asks me to meet him inside the building at a certain room.  Again, no problem.  I arrive at the room, and he introduces me to his wife and family, and it slowly starts to creep into my mind that he’s about to get married.  Just a simple, civil procedure, but I think all forms of commitment like this are fun and exciting.

So I took a few shots inside the room where the officiator made this union legal, and then we headed outside for some family shots.  All in all, it was very quick, very unplanned, but also very easy.  Best of luck to the new family!

With this ring, I thee wed

The Happy Couple

A very photogenic 9 year old

Snapped this as we crossed the street to get some harbor shots

San Diego Harbor


About Bryan Oster

Photographer of people and food. You can see some of my work at my site (www.bryanoster.com), and at my blog (www.bryanoster.wordpress.com).
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