SmugMug September Nights with Scott Robert Lim

Chalk up another great SmugMug night!  Seriously, I don’t know how Michelle keeps lining up such great speakers, but someone upstairs likes her.  A few weeks back at the monthly meeting, Scott Robert Lim delivered a very entertaining as well as educational discussion on using off-camera speedlights to create more powerful images.   His site is certainly worth checking out, and if you have the time, I suggest reading his bio.  Great guy, and many thanks to him for taking the time to come out and share some of his knowledge with us.

As always, The Handlery Hotel and Resort provided us with a very comfortable space in which to mingle and meet new friends, check out Lim’s beautiful work, and sets us up with tasty little treats to nibble on in addition to cheap libations from the bar.

On hand and in the front row, I noticed the amazing Jennifer George Walker sitting next to Adrienne Hughes.  Jennifer spoke at a monthly SmugMug meeting a few months ago, and I was immediately enamored with her photography.  Adriene is new to my radar, but she’s a very talented and interesting woman as well.  I met Dan Hughes; he’s a product trainer at Nik Software, and I’m a huge, huge fan of Nik’s products.  I’ve seen Color Efex Pro 4 in action, and will say that if you use Photoshop, Aperture, or Lightroom (CEP needs a host application as it can’t run as a standalone piece of software), you owe it to yourself to not only download and try it for free, but just buy the darn stuff.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Lastly, will someone please remind me that I’m not the low-light genius my LCD keeps telling me I am?  I shoot these events without a speedlight (even though I have one every time in my back pocket) so as to not distract either the speakers or the audience.  But it’s a truly dark space – which is perfect for viewing photos.  I like a few dark ones, but this time I came away with shots that are just too dark.  I shot mostly at ISO 1600 on a d300s with a 35mm 1.8, and while I like a few of the photos with R.S. Lim’s photos projected onto people, I should have captured other moments with some flash.

I'm a glass half full type of guy, but I prefer being totally full

Who didn't finish their burger?

Scott Robert Lim

Scott Robert Lim

Jennfier, Michelle, and Adriene (l to r)

Dan, Michelle, and Jason (l to r)

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