Family Time at the San Clemente Pier

About a year ago I photographed a family at their home in Carlsbad.  Following up, they told me they loved the pics and offered many thanks.  And then out of the blue a few months back, they got in touch with me and there was this wonderful, renewed sense of gratitude.  The mom absolutely loved the color of the photos, and especially the candids of her oldest boy….a very fun and active 3 year old.  I loved hearing how much these photos meant to their family, and it just felt really good to know that they were actually happy with the results.  But here is the big ‘and‘…..And she apparently had recently starting blogging for Living Social, and wanted to post my services in her “365 Things To Do in San Diego.”  Awesome, and thanks again!

So a few weeks ago a woman gets in touch with me from Orange County.  She saw the blog post and wanted to schedule a family shoot at the San Clemente Pier.  So we did.  And one cloudy, overcast Saturday afternoon I met her and her family at the pier.  I don’t know if this is just coincidence, but they’re in the Marine Corps, and she called me exactly on time and said, “Hi Bryan, it’s Jenna, we’re in front of the pier.”  At a young age I was taught that 10 minutes early was right on time, and right on time was 10 minutes late.  And here they were, all five of them, looking great, laughing, smiling, happy to be there…and I just knew it was going to be good.

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