The Weekend – San Diego, CA

Being the father of twin 2 year olds, I spend a lot of weekends at various parks around San Diego County.  Never really noticed them before, but SD  has quite a number of nice parks.  One of my favorites is at the end of Fanuel St. on the bay side of Pacific Beach.  The toys are fairly nice and very clean.  There are plenty of bathrooms but I’ve never been inside them, so I can’t comment on their condition.  As one of the chaperones of our weekend outings, what I like about Pacific Beach Park is the running/biking/walking path that runs along the bay and passes by the park.  Not a direct bonus to the park goers,  this path provides me with a bounty of people watching.  Probably my favorites are the bicyclists that are trying to set speed records and bark out to anyone near the path, like we just wandered onto the Autobahn.  These guys – and I’ve seen many and they’ve all been men – crack me up.

We always hit the parks early, and that is solely to salvage what is left of our sanity.  Little kids need to be outside, and now.  This day was a little chilly and we were there around 9 a.m., but it always gets hoping with families and children ranging from infant to 6 years old around 10 a.m. or so.  All photos in this post taken with an iphone 4s.

The other chaperone is a Niners fan, thus the gear - Instagram

On Sunday we hit the park that is on the outskirts of Petco Park in downtown San Diego.  Another nice little gem of a park.  Good toys, a foamy-matted floor, pretty surroundings and plenty of food establishments just outside the park for before coffees or lunch afterwards.  So we played and we ran, and then we ate lunch at Hodad’s up around 10th and Broadway.  If you haven’t been to Hodad’s and you like hamburgers….well, that’s a post for another day.

Blue Race Car must come to lunch - Instagram

See what I mean? Hodad's.

A new finger-vignette I'm working on

Almost noon and it's already been a big day - Instagram

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2 Responses to The Weekend – San Diego, CA

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The iPhone photos are really fun! And, mmm.. Hodad’s….. 🙂

  2. jeffrey lynn says:

    Let’s go to HoDads! That burger looks great! And, if i wasn’t mistaken that brown looking drink may have a been a cold one?

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