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A Little Fun with a Variable ND Filter

So I picked up a variable ND filter from George’s Camera a few weeks back in the hopes of playing around with wide open apertures in broad daylight.  The results have been a little all over the board, but I’m … Continue reading

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SmugMug San Diego – Photoshop Guru Stephen Burns

I haven’t actually cleared the use of “guru” with Stephen, but I’m going with it because the guy simply amazes me.  You can check out his site here, and you’ll see he’s authored many books and DVD’s, many subtitled “Trickery … Continue reading

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Some of the Food at Crest Cafe

Some recent shots of the marvelously tasty treats at Crest Cafe in Hillcrest.  As people may or may not know, food photography puts you right in front of some delicious creations, but by the time you’re done photographing it, well….it’s … Continue reading

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Lowepro Camera Bag Tester

I’ve been testing a new bag for Lowepro over the past few weeks, and as soon as it’s released, I’ll post the blog review I did for them.  In the meantime, here are a few photos I did on the … Continue reading

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SmugMug February – Ben Horne (in the house)

I’m not a landscape guy.  I respect the work, and when it’s good, it’s truly other-worldly to look at.  It’s just not really my thing because I don’t have the time.  Excuse #1.  We all have the same amount of … Continue reading

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