New Bag from Lowepro

I have one camera bag and it suits me pretty well.  It’s a gray, over-the-shoulder, and medium sized bag.  The main compartment is fully customizable and holds my Nikon d300s with battery grip nicely, and with 1 lens on the camera body, the bag still has 4 spots for lenses and/or speedlights.  In front of the bag is a nice pocket for small gear like radio transmitters, cleaning cloths, cables, gaffer tape, etc.  On both ends of the bag are two more pockets that I usually store grid spots and batteries in as well as the occasional Lightsphere.  The lid to the bag has a slim pocket that holds memory cards and business cards and whatever else; it’s large in surface space, just not deep.  So this bag pretty much can hold my camera, 4 lenses, 2 speedlights, and all kinds of little things I need on shoots.

Now when I’m just out and about, I try to always bring my camera with 1 or 2 lenses and 1 speedlight.  But since I don’t want to bring a bag, I’ll just bring the camera over my shoulder and a speedlight in my pocket.  And the reality of this is that since I have twin 2 year olds, about 80% of the time, after I’ve gotten them and all their gear out of the car, I look at my camera and just say, “Nah, leaving you here this time.”  And then of course the inevitable happens and I get to a point in the day when I really wish I’d brought my camera.

Well?  Not anymore.  The bag I’ve been testing for Lowepro is a smaller, sling-type bag that has one strap going over your shoulder and diagonally down across your chest, so the bag actually sits directly behind your back like a 2 strap backpack would.  Why I like this is the bag doesn’t sway on your shoulder, leaving you totally free to bend down or turn from side to side, or do whatever you’d do without a bag on your person.  Perfect for having your fully body free to deal with such unpredictable elements as young humans.  This bag is also customizable and I was using it as my ‘run out and go with minimal gear’ bag.  Camera with a lens on, maybe one more, and a speedlight.

Recently though I thought, “why not see what it can really hold?”  And to my surprise, I was able to pack my entire gear list in it (minus the grid spots and Lightsphere). While I intend to use this with much less gear packed in it, I was able to get my camera, 4 lenses, 2 speedlights, my triggers and other little trinkets, memory cards, and still get it all zipped up and over my shoulder, ready to hit the streets.

So while I was preparing to buy a slightly larger backpack-type bag for my gear, right now I’m going to hold tight as I think I’m fully covered.  Great design from Lowepro.

The below is a slightly larger pic of the bag that I tested:


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