SmugMug San Diego – Joe and Mirta Barnet

It’s April, at least I think it is, and now that I look, it’s almost over.  Well, good thing I have fast reflexes!  April’s SmugMug San Diego event was an upgrade to the speaking engagement that Joe and Mirta delivered last year.  This time they brought a ton of gear, and after a brief slideshow of their work, launched right into a “shoot and tell” that left many of our attendees pretty stoked.  Part of the stoke comes from learning how other, and more seasoned photographers produce their images; part of it comes from seeing them actually produce images in person; and part comes being included in the shooting process (if said ‘stokee’ brought a camera).

Joe and Mirta love what they do, and it shows.  Maybe more importantly though, they really love to talk about creating images, and creating images that have value for wedding and portrait clients.  If you’re looking to increase your skill level with an in-person workshop, I think you might want to investigate some of the offerings from Team Barnet.

Joe showing light from a softbox "wraps" around

3 Lights (not including ambient): softbox, kicker on background, and hair light. 2 reflectors to boot!

Mirta showing how it's done with a male model



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1 Response to SmugMug San Diego – Joe and Mirta Barnet

  1. Candy says:

    Great post, Bryan. Looks like you hit the highlights. Thank you for sharing!

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