Indy 500

I’ve wanted to check out the Indy 500 for several years now. If you’ve never been, ask anyone who has seen it in person, and I’m fairly certain they’ll let you know how unique this race is. I’m not even into motorsports, but the buzz that surrounds not only the race, but the entire city of Indianapolis is intoxicating. It takes place right around my anniversary so it’s always been tough to get to…..until this year. Indy 500……check!

People of Indianapolis, and the people coming from all over the world for this Indycar race couldn’t be nicer folks. I think it’s an even tie with New Orleans. And like the NOLA experience, what really stood out was a population of diverse individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, of different ethnic origins actually getting along quite nicely together. It was refreshing.

A few highlights:

•Was 1 foot away from Tommy Lasorda in a bar. The late 70’s Los Angeles Dodgers were my heroes, and he was their captain. Great man from what I hear and read, and having just been released from the hospital after a mild hear attack, I wish him well!

•Ate lunch on Saturday, and Carol Brady…..I mean Florence Henderson was at the next table.

•Met a few former Indy drivers

Actually, scratch the highlights, too many great moments from meeting Jeanetta “Quilt Lady” Holder to photographing drivers flying around a 2.5 mile track at speeds above 220 m.p.h. to just being in the midst of all the crazy energy of 200,000 fans and the smell of gas and and smoke….and I’ll just stop now. That last part sounds weird, but it’s really quite a spectacle to see and experience.

Legend’s Day – Saturday, the day before the Indy 500

Driver’s Meeting, day before the race

Fan of the Checkered Flag, even the old school Vans!

Quilt Lady, Jeanetta Holder….an Indy 500 icon

Heading to the track – Race Day, Indy 500 2012

Between the 3rd and 4th turn, around 11 a.m.

No comment

Crowds pouring in pre-race

Went to the wrong seat but grabbed this shot

“Chilling” out pre-race. Temps on track around 130 degrees. Ouch.

In honor of Dan Weldon

Indy 500 2012 Winner, Dario Franchitti

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2 Responses to Indy 500

  1. LaRee says:

    Excellent photographic work and coverage of the Indy Bryan. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Bryan Oster says:

    Thanks Laree…Indy was pretty incredible on many different levels.

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