San Diego Botanic Garden

My inner training wants me to pronounce this as “San Diego Botanical Garden,” but their website says it’s a Botanic Garden.  So Botanic Garden it is.  For local San Diegites, it’s located in Encinitas, it’s $12 per adult and parking is free.  And it’s pretty incredible.

We hit it up a few weekends ago, and the SDBG was having a Bug and Insect Festival.  On seeing that sign, I thought “oh joy.”  But they had all kinds of birds, snakes, spiders, turtles, bees, etc. – and all with handlers so the various creatures could get out of their cages.  So we spend about an hour there and then hit up the rest of the Garden with the remaining time.  As a parent of 2 and half year olds, all days are broken into 2 parts: before nap, and after nap.  So I’m going back another time to check out a little more of what the Garden has to offer.

Despite that lazy attitude prevalent at the Garden (it’s cool that I’m calling it the “Garden,” right?), this little insect was busy at work:

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