Life Lessons

Fell off the blog posting, again.  And I’m not sure if  this counts as getting back on, but I’m a baby-stepper.  I’ve been wanting to post for a long time about what kids have to teach us.  It’s like they’re little Bodhisattvas, here to instruct us.  The lessons are there if we only open our eyes, our minds, and just listen.

I take a lot of pictures of my kids, but they never stop and let me.  I have to be a pseudo-paparazzi with them, and force the shots.  But yesterday was different.  I had gummy bears, and they like gummy bears.  So, to the chagrin of some parents and knowing nods of others, I bribed them.  2 gummy bears if you stay where I put you and let me take a few pics.  Well, they did.  They responded to incentive.  But not to be taken advantage of, they truly only let me take a few.  And then immediately reminded me of our deal.  Payment due upon receipt.

So enjoy your weekend.   Watch the little ones and learn.  And I’ll try and write more what lessons I think they’re offering.

About Bryan Oster

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