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I remember (barely) playing t-ball for one season.  We had a t-shirt and a hat, I played in jeans, and our field looked nothing like the field these kids are playing on.  Things have come a long way since then … Continue reading

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San Diego Children’s Museum

I promised them we’d go yesterday, and when the parking lot was full, and I was hungry (most b/c I’m a really good planner), we opted for lunch and the promise of a park and ice cream – with a … Continue reading

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Lifestyle, Photography, and it’s in San Diego

Funny thing about these photos, which you would have never guessed (so I’m telling you here and now), is that this day was really windy.  I mean really windy.  I brought two 15 lbs. sandbags with me so I could … Continue reading

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Surf’s Up In Cardiff

Because it’s been so hot this week, I figured we could use a little “cooling” off.   Some pics of my nephew and a longboard, doing a little surfing just south of Turtles in Cardiff.  

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San Diego Family Photography – Sunday Edition

Well I’m on my second cup of coffee and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one today in San Diego.  Yesterday was supposed to be warm, and it was, but we hit up a park in Mission … Continue reading

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San Diego Regional Park Family Photography

I love this park, and haven’t even explored more than 20% of it.  It’s not that it’s a big park, but it’s a hidden little gem in San Diego that people drive by every day and don’t even know it’s … Continue reading

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More Food….Still in San Diego

Did these food shots for an Italian restaurant in San Diego, called Nicolosi’s.  Images were used for printed take out menu’s and a billboard.  The banner image on their website is mine, but the other images are not.  Just so … Continue reading

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